With what types of real estate does The Kent Co. have experience?
Malls, Lifestyle Centers, Outlet Centers, Strip Centers, Power Centers and downtown city streets – The Kent Co. has broad experience in all formats of retail real estate.

In what geographic areas does The Kent Co. have experience?
All states of the United States, all provinces of Canada and all areas of Puerto Rico – The Kent Co. has done deals in each type of retail format in each geographic area.

With what types of transactions can The Kent Co. help?
From strategic planning, to new stores, to renewals and relocations, to individual store or portfolio renegotiations - The Kent Co. can assist with all of your retail real estate needs.

Does The Kent Co. negotiate my actual lease document?
Notwithstanding the fact that Marcy Kent has a background as a real estate attorney, the focus of The Kent Co. is real estate consulting.  The Kent Co. strongly recommends that you retain a qualified real estate attorney with experience in retail leases.  The Kent Co. will however work closely with your attorney to assure that your lease document accurately reflects the negotiated business deal. 

Does The Kent Co. assist in planning and building my new stores?
The Kent Co. does not provide architectural, design or construction services, but can assist you with referrals to qualified professionals.

What are the fees of The Kent Co.?
Fees arrangements vary and may be paid by either a landlord or by the client depending on individual circumstances.

Further Questions?

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