Welcome to The Kent Co. offering retailers real estate consulting services to maximize portfolio value and performance.

  • Are you a start-up retailer or e-tailer considering where to put your first bricks and mortar store?

  • Are you a mid-size retailer wondering how to expand out of  your original geographic area?

  • Are you a large retailer in need of a fresh approach to your real estate portfolio?  

​​​Let The Kent Co. help!

With many years of real estate experience, The Kent Co. can be your best resource for the structure and implementation of your retail real estate plans.

We will work with you to situate your stores in the most appropriate location, whether traditional mall, lifestyle, strip, outlet or city street - and negotiate the strongest possible economic deals to enable you to grow your business profitably.  We have proven expertise in building a retail chain from a small regional presence to a 1,000+ store international powerhouse and look forward to doing the same for you.

We have extensive knowledge of the retail landscape of the entire United States including Puerto Rico, plus all of Canada, and very strong relationships at the most senior levels with the development, landlord, tenant and brokerage communities throughout those areas.  

The Kent Co.